للمحترفين في مجال حفر وصيانة آبار الغاز والبترول

Guidelines to a good résumé:


You may copy the text and paste it to your word and modify the content, and remember to keep the design simple and clear, because communication is bout clarity first then nice and attractive.



The Country the City were the letter is written

The date when the letter is written

Do not forget to add a recent picture of yourself on the right side


Concerning: job application

Dear Mrs/Mr

  • Start with the reason of writing, mention the position you are applying for
  • Mention how did you get to know about the position you are applying for
  • Give an impression about your present job and your past work Experians
  • Give an impression about your studies, courses
  • Mention goals achieved and activities you participated in not only carrier wise but also free time activities that might have helped your community.
  • Recommendation letters which you need to include with your letter as an attachment.
  • The reason you are looking for a new challenge
  • Why do you thing that you are the write choice for this position
  • End your letter with greetings and the hope that this letter will lead to an interview.

Yours faithfully,

Your full name as exactly mentioned on your passports



Name           : Your First, Middle And last name as exactly mentioned on your passports

Address        : Complete potstal adres Street City Zip Code State Country 

Phone          : Land code – city or aria code - Number

Mobile                    : land code – City or aria code - Number

Email           : Your e-mail address

Date of birth  : day-Month- Year- City - Country

Marital status : married – single - children

Nationality     : Your present Nationality- mention all if you have more than one



- Computer hardware if any

-  Computer software (the most recent versions of):

- list of software



19XX-20XX         : mention all completed or not completed studies



19XX-2XXX        : employed and trained by [do not leave any empty time gabs]



English             : mention the level of language skill

Other               : mention the level of language skill



Hobbies           : Mention you Hobbies

Sport               : Sport practised

Interested in      : Art, news, general, etc...


Please send your résumé per mail to : Contact


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