للمحترفين في مجال حفر وصيانة آبار الغاز والبترول


أهلاً و سهلاً بك زائرنا الكريم في موقعك هذا الذي هو نقطة إلتقاء لكل محترف في مجال حفر وصيانة آبار البترول, ولكل مُزَوِّد للمعدات والأدوات والأجهزة المتعلقة بها

“Drilling 4 oil”,

We work professionally, efficiently, and communicates clearly. We efficiently and logically prioritize all elements of projects to save time and money and achieve the expected results.

Through our large database of international relations and feedbacks from a huge diversity of industries, we are able to hold future developments in your market into account.

We always look for the optimal solution to achieve the desired top results.


The foundation of our mission is clearness in communications and a decent conduct while dealing with your time and financial resources. For any marketing question, products representations, or distributions requests to Europe, Africa or the The GCC please send us an e-mail

Choosing for our services certainly means choosing the right tool for the right job.


M. Z. Koudsi

Founder Drilling 4 oil / Oil events / Bureau Koudsi
The Netherlands


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